PRODUCT:  Mae Q’West™ and the Sign of the Stars

PUBLISHER:    BrandX Games, LLC


GENRE:             Hidden Object/Puzzle

FILE SIZE:        79MB

MIN SPECS:    OS: Windows XP/Vista

    CPU: 800 Mhz

    RAM: 256 MB

    DirectX: 7.0

    Hard Drive: 171 MB


Mae Q’West is a widow and single mother of two children.  She lost her husband Jack, a fisherman in the Pacific Northwest, to a boating accident of which no remains were ever found.  One summer morning, Mae sends her children off to their annual camp trip and plans a relaxing week of antiquing and spa treatments. The same morning over coffee Mae reads her horoscope. The message feels oddly written for her and sends Mae on a mysterious adventure through Washington’s Puget Sound. With help from the stars, Mae soon starts to uncover the truth of Jack’s disappearance.


14 multi-level chapters of game play.

3 mini-games;  including Wonderword, Leapfrog and Game-Buddy.

Collectable stars for unlockable bonus level.

“Mae Q’West and the Sign of the Stars” 30 page novella included with the game.

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$19.99 USD